Windows 7 is something to get excited about!

Windows 7 is something to get excited about!

Oct 28, 2009

I have been working with computers for some 25 years now and I remember in the earlier days whenever there was talk of a new operating system there was a lot of hype. When the Operating System was finally released you couldn’t avoid reading about it and stumbling across articles but when I compare the release of Windows 7 against other releases this one has had the least hype of all but Windows 7 is something to get excited about and this one deserves all the hype. Microsoft have done an amazing job with this release and they should be proud.

Unfortunately Vista copped a lot of bad media and most of it was unjustified. I actually liked Vista but in hindsight it probably would have been best for Microsoft to go straight from Windows XP to Windows 7.

The thing that stands out most for me is the speed and stability. Unfortunately with Vista there are quite a few of those moments where your application turns white, your heart starts pounding, there is sheer panic and you ask yourself the question “when did I last save my work?”. Thankfully Windows 7 so far hasn’t brought me any of those moments. In fact I haven’t had a single glitch.

  • no blue screens of death
  • no application freezing
  • no “we apologise for the inconvenience….”

Here are my first impressions:

  • No fuss install –  it all happens very quickly and is all very straight forward
  • Found all my devices – my computer is about 2 years old and Windows 7 found and installed all my equipment and installed suitable drivers
  • Multi Screen configured automatically – when the installation finished and the system rebooted I was confronted with both screens already configured for extended desktop
  • Quick device detection and installation – I had to connect my old hard disk up again to bring some data across and I was surprised how much quicker the plug and play facility works. The new device was found and was almost instantly accessible
  • Definately quick to use – I was instantly impressed how much quicker everything runs. Boot time is better and the system is ready for use almost immediately
  • No Quicklaunch ?? – I am a big fan of the Quicklaunch Toolbar. I was initially concerned when I realised that it no longer exists so I went about making my own but then I realised that it isn’t there because it is no longer needed. Instead you simply open your favourite application and then right mouse button and select “Pin to the Task Bar”
  • Control Panel – Even with Vista I couldn’t stand the layout of Control Panel. I think anybody that has any technical ability would find the default view of Control Panel infuriating. By default Windows 7 displays your control panel in Categories. This is easily fixed by selecting Large or Small icons in the top right hand corner of the Control Panel window
  • Less prompts for Allow / Deny prompts – Once thing everybody hated and Apple Mac milked it was that under Vista you are constantly asked whether you want to Allow or Deny the installation or activation of anything. Windows 7 works smarter and there are very few Allow/Deny prompts
  • Smarter Window Management – Windows 7 brings us a far more intuitive interface for Window Management. I might detail this in another post.
  • No strange errors in the Event Logs – When you look through the Windows logs they are generally plagued with obscure errors that require research but thankfully Windows 7 is free of this

In Summary I am extremely impressed with Windows 7. Of all the operating system releases this release brings us the most value, not just in its features but in its stability and speed.

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