Software Piracy – Home Users are Not Immune

Software Piracy – Home Users are Not Immune

Aug 21, 2009

Many people take a fairly casual approach to software piracy. We often hear “Microsoft are only chasing large pirates and businesses” and “I’m only a home user, they wouldn’t be interested in me”. Well the legal department of Microsoft Corporation Australia is alive and well and working all over Australia and the local area is no exception.

A customer sent us a copy of their legal notice this week (see below).

It appears that Adobe have partnered with Microsoft through the Genuine Advatage program.

From: <xxxx, Microsoft Corporation, Inc.> [ <xxxx, Microsoft Corporation, Inc.>]

Sent: Monday, 17 August 2009 8:47 PM


Subject: Microsoft Genuine Products, Action Required AU700

–This message may not display correctly in your frame.–

Hello, I am xxxx from the legal department Microsoft Corporation Australia. I am sorry to say that we have received reports that you or members of your home network are abusing Microsoft\’s Products. On looking into this, we have confirmed that a number of products from Microsoft and Adobe are non-genuine (illegal).

Microsoft has a very strict policy, with legal support (Commonwealth of Australia Software Piracy Act of 1999) in regards to this pirated software.

As of now, you have until 17:00 AEST on August 20th to remove this software. If, on this date, the software has not been found on the system (or, you have purchased and activated the software), no further action will be taken; otherwise, you may face federal prosecution and up to an $320,000 fine, as the Act states.

If you have any questions, or you would like to appeal this decision, just shoot me a quick email.

Yours Truthfully,

xxxxx Microsoft Legal Department (US-AU-NZ)

This is a reminder to everybody that it doesn’t matter who you are, big or small, software piracy simply isn’t worth it.

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