Internet Explorer Updates – Are you missing out?

Internet Explorer Updates – Are you missing out?

Aug 31, 2009

Internet technologies are rapidly changing. You may have noticed that your browsing experience is getting more and more interactive. You no longer have to work through wizard style interfaces that have a Submit button in the bottom right hand corner of the form. Google, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to name a few are some of the sites that require Internet Explorer 7 or higher to get the “true” experience. Security is another issue. Improved Internet Security requires changes to the browsers and the way online transactions work.

More and more websites have now taken a hardline approach and will no longer support those people using the older version of browsers. Its simply a case of economics. Web Developers can produce effects and interfaces quicker and easier making use of the new technologies. It simply doesn’t make sense for them to develop for the older browsers and its become a security issue for those who do.

With the rapid adoption of the new technologies and the benefits of a smoother Internet Browsing experience there has never been more reasons to click on the update button.

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