Fun with Computers – Google Easter Egg

Fun with Computers – Google Easter Egg

Dec 23, 2011

When we mention an “Easter Egg” most people typically think of Easter and chocolate confectionary but in computer terms an Easter Egg is a hidden feature inserted into software by the programmer. There are Easter Eggs hidden in all sorts of programs, games and even the Web.

The Software Developers at Google are a fun bunch of individuals and have included Easter Eggs in the Google Search Engine. The latest craze prompted by the festive season is the “let it snow” Easter Egg.


1. Open your browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome)
2. If you haven’t already opened to Google then type into the Address Bar and press the Enter key.
3. Type let it snow and now press the Enter key
Enjoy as your browser is filled with snow flakes, click on Defrost to clear the snow.

Here are some others that you can have fun with:

Do a barrel roll – Rolls your browser content
askew – Puts a different angle on everything
Google Gravity – Click on I’m Feeling Lucky – See Gravity in action

NOTE: You need a browser that support HTML 5 so it might be time to upgrade if you find this isn’t working.


-Glenn Challen
MicroEd Computers and Internet

Glenn Challen - MicroEd Computers



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