Fake AntiVirus Alerts (Lizamoon) Continue to Plague Sites

Fake AntiVirus Alerts (Lizamoon) Continue to Plague Sites

Apr 29, 2011

In late March an attack was made on websites worldwide which has resulted in over 2 million websites now containing false links that re-direct the unsuspecting surfer to a Fake Antivirus alert. Put simply the user is confronted with a website that is designed to appear very authentic warning them of multiple security threats on their computer.  At this stage their system contains no infections and is merely a scare tactic. If the user continues then the system is then infected with the Fake Antivirus infection which has a number of side-effects such as: hiding all your files, annoying screens asking for money, system performance issues, preventing programs operating correctly.

Many of these infections disguise themselves as genuine AntiVirus programs such as Microsoft Security Centre which in some cases makes it very difficult for the user to identify.

The ultimate goal of these attacks are to do you out of money. Many people unknowingly provide their Credit Credit details only to find that this doesn’t remove the infection and in some cases makes it worse and they are then coaxed into upgrading to the “Pro” version which costs even more.

AntiVirus companies are working frantically to protect people from this infection but there are so many variants are being released that they are typically one step behind the attackers.

Fake AnitVirus 2011

Fake AnitVirus 2011

Our advice is:

  • Make sure you are protected by a paid and well known AntiVirus subscription such as ESET or Trend
  • Surf Smart – stick to well-known sites
  • Don’t click on advertising links or anything that looks gimmicky
  • If you see an AntiVirus alert that appears to be fake then simply click on the X in the top right hand corner of the browser. Don’t respond to any of the prompts on the screen
  • If you appear to be infected then seek professional advice

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