Aztec Bar Codes

Aztec Bar Codes

Mar 20, 2012

What’s this funny looking symbol?

Thats the question that has prompted me to write a quick article. Everybody keeps asking us what is this strange looking symbol we are seeing in shops, on TV, billboards and cars?

This funny looking symbol is actually a barcode and more specifically its an Aztec barcode (QR standard). The Aztec barcode has actually been around since 1995 but has become more popular in recent times due to the surge in popularity of mobile devices and smartphones such as the iPhone and Android phone in particular.

The Aztec barcode is a 2D barcode that can store a considerable amount of data which makes it ideal for storing web addresses or search results. This symbol is easily captured by the types of cameras that are fitted in smartphones and can be easily decoded by such devices.

Give it a go

MicroEd Aztec Bar Code - Link to our website

MicroEd Aztec Bar Code - Link to our website

iPhone users: Open up your App Store and search for NeoReader (its FREE!).
Android users: Open up the Android Market and search for Barcode Scanner (also FREE!).

Install the App and try scanning our Aztec barcode.

Have Fun!

-Glenn Challen
MicroEd Computers and Internet

Glenn Challen - MicroEd Computers



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