= SCAM!!!! = SCAM!!!!

Dec 19, 2016

Recently we did some investigation work and found a rather elaborate scam targeting printer issues. It all started when we had a customer call us to check the advise he had received from “Epson” when he had phoned their support number on the website After telling him that he was correct and that hanging up on the...

WARNING – SCAM EMAIL “… shared a document ” !!!

WARNING IF YOU RECEIVE THIS EMAIL DO NOT FOLLOW THE PROMPTS!!! There is a email going around this week that tells you a contact has shared a document with you…. It then prompts you to Log in to view the document, the email isn’t legitimate… there are 2 ways to tell this isn’t a legitimate email: Look at the actual email address next to...

Charging and Syncing more securely

Charging and Syncing more securely

Apr 27, 2016

MicroEd Computers is happy to announce that we are now able to offer a whole new line of Secure Charging and Syncing options. This new range covers tablets, iPads, chrome books, and phones all the way up to laptops and notebooks, great for BYOD, schools, training organisations or any sort of mobile technology deployment. From the small “Joey 10 Charging...

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