The Real Cost of Hard Disk Failure

The Real Cost of Hard Disk Failure

Aug 6, 2009

When a component such as RAM or a Video Card fails in your computer then you simply purchase another. There is a little downtime but you basically return to where you left off.

Hard Disk failure is a different story all together. Unfortunately whether your Hard Disk is a couple of hours old or years and years old it is susceptible to failure. Although things are changing; for the moment Hard Disks are still mechanical components and account for the majority of failures we see through our technical department.

Over the years there are certainly some Manufacturers and Models that stand out in relation to the number of failures we see but even those Manufacturers we respect can occasionally release a drive that experiences failure.

Hard Disks fail for various reasons:

1. Manufacturing Fault – In this case we generally see a whole batch of drives from a particualy model fail in the same way

2. Electronic Failure – Either the components that control the Hard Disk or the Firmware that instructs the operations of the hard disk

3. Wear / Mechanical Failure – The parts of the Hard Disk that move either wear out or fail. Mechanical failure can also be as a result of a knock while the computer is turned on. Sometimes the cleaner can hit the computer tower with the vaccuum cleaner. This can result in hard disk failure.

For a home user there is the devastation of losing family photos, videos and documents is devastating. There is nothing we hate more than breaking the news that these types of things have been lost. In years past people typically had these types of things in hard copy but it is now we simply copy these files from our cameras and rarely opt for a hard copy. In a split second 10 years of a family’s precious moments can be lost forever.

For a business hard disk failure is costly, embarrassing and in some cases fatal. When a Hard Disk fails in a business environment then you instantly start suffering loss of productivity. The level of further damage depends on that computers role in the business and how well you are prepared for failure. If the hard disk in this business is simply a workstation then you may be lucky but if this holds your accounting information and documents then this can be devastating. If you don’t have backups then your entire business history has just been lost.

There are numerous ways of minimising the impact a hard disk failure has on you:

1. BACKUPS: For a home user simply backing up photos to a CD or DVD can save a lot of heart ache. For a business we recommend a nightly backup solution with somebody taking the alternate backups off site to keep them safe from fire or theft.

2. REGULAR MAINTENANCE: Arrange a maintenance check of your Server at regular intervals.

3. RAID (MIRROR): Have a technician install a second hard disk in your server. If a Hard Disk fails then you can continue work and have the faulty disk replaced at a more convenient time minimising the impact this has on your business.

If you have concerns over your backups or would like us to evaluate your risk then please feel free to contact us for an obligation free quote.

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